Holographic Augmented Reality

RealView Imaging delivers real-time 3D interference-based holograms based on its
Digital Light Shaping™ technology.

Originating from Prof. Gabor's Nobel-prize-winning invention, holography is the best method known to science to precisely reconstruct and display 3D objects in free space. As holography is an optical reality and not an optical illusion, it is almost impossible to distinguish between a high-quality reconstructed hologram and the original real object.

Prof. Dennis Gabor (Nobel Prize Laureate, 1971), Inventor of Holography


/häl, gram,hōle, gram/ noun a three-dimensional image formed by the interference of light beams from a laser or other coherent light source. a photograph of an interference pattern that, when suitably illuminated, produces a three-dimensional image.

Facts on all other commercial Augmented Reality solutions:

They freely use the term HOLOGRAM, though NONE of them are based on real, interference-based, holography.

They allow you to see and interact with their "3D images" FROM A DISTANCE, though NONE of these solutions allow you to hold and precisely manipulate the hologram IN YOUR HAND.

They will typically give you a HEADACHE with prolonged use, as they merely project a 2D picture per eye with a mismatch between the apparent location of the image and the visual focus location (i.e. the vergence-accommodation conflict).

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RealView's award-winning and proprietary Digital Light Shaping™ technology uses true interference-based holography to generate 3D holograms in the palm of your hand with natural and precise interaction capabilities. Our products receive any 3D input data, compute the corresponding interference-patterns, generate the holograms using Spatial Light Modulators to shape the light and allow direct interaction using advanced sensors, all in real-time.

We call it Live Holography

How are we different?

Augmented Reality Solutions


Core Technology


Interference-based holography

Depth Perception

(single and static far away plane)

(numerous and dynamic focus planes)

Vergence-Accommodation Conflict



Potential Side Effects

Headache / Dizziness


Precise and Direct Interaction within the Image

Close and Far Image Visualization at the Same Time

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